Do you often visit other countries or just dream about traveling?
Download MiO Bonus application, get MiO points for everyday purchases, travel around the country and around the world much cheaper than before


From 30 points


From 170 points


From 120 points


From 90 points


From 250 points


From 180 points


From 180 points


From 550 points


From 650 points


From 305 points


From 550 points


From 130 points


From 125 points


From 140 points


From 150 points


From 210 points


From 650 points


From 160 points


From 275 points


From 110 points


From 115 points


From 150 points

Czech Republic

From 140 points


From 135 points


From 600 points


From 210 points


From 365 points


From 520 points


From 750 points


From 160 points


From 450 points


From 250 points

Up to 50% of the purchase price is returned by points *
* At the same time, your other discounts, as well as cashback on bank cards, are saved
How does it work?
Install free MiO Bonus mobile application for iOS or Android. After you install and register you will receive your MiO ID.
Find the nearest stores accruing MiO points on the map and make daily purchases there. Worldwide.
Tell a seller or a cashier your MiO ID and points will be added immediately after payment for the purchase.
(Русский) Обменивайте накопленные MiO-поинты на свои поездки у ведущих поставщиков туристических услуг прямо в приложении.

Personal reservation agent will help you to choose air tickets, a suitable hotel room or a сar to rent
We offer complex tours for MiO points at affordable prices, more than 490 thousand hotels and 800 thousand apartments worldwide, services of more than 700 airlines (including low-costers) and the world's 10 largest car rental companies

How to accumulate MiO points?
You can accumulate MiO points by purchasing goods and services from different producers and suppliers
Сергей купил iPhone 7 за 45 000 рублей и получил 63 поинта
Максим купил новый автомобиль Toyota Rav4 за 1 500 000 рублей и получил 789 поинтов
Александр приобрел спортивный костюм в Nike за 9 350 рублей и накопил 16 поинтов
Анастасия приобрела продукцию по уходу за кожей L`Oreal на 7 000 рублей и накопила 18 поинтов
Алена обновила свой гардероб на 12 000 рублей и накопила 21 поинт
Даниил приобрел новый автомобиль Honda CR-V за 1 900 000 рублей и получил 1 000 поинтов на свой счет
София приобрела продукцию Pepsi на 3 600 рублей и накопила 9 поинтов
Даниил купил Oracle CRM-систему за 560 000 рублей и получил 390 поинтов
Екатерина купила детскую коляску компании Disney за 8000 рублей и получила 13 поинтов
Тамара приобрела продукцию Colgate на 3000 рублей и получила 5 поинтов
Алла купила 20 бутылок пива Heineken за 1 450 рублей и накопила 4 поинта
Александр установил систему охранного видеонаблюдения Siemens за 30 000 рублей и получил 52 поинта
Вероника приобрела медиаплеер Google за 6 000 рублей и накопила 10 поинтов
Алена приобрела продукцию Pampers на 2 500 рублей и получила 4,5 поинтов
Илья приобрел пакет программ Microsoft Office за 6 000 рублей и получил 10,5 поинтов
Виктория приобрела очень удобный для работы ноутбук HP за 42 800 рублей и получила 75 поинтов на свой счет
Андрей купил сервер IBM для своего бизнеса за 450 000 рублей и получил 315 поинтов
Виктор приобрел IP-телефон Cisco за 6 900 рублей и получил 12 поинтов
Алина приобрела новый автомобиль Nissan Qashqai за 779 000 рублей и получила 410 поинтов
Ксения приобрела смартфон Samsung Galaxy S7 за 39 000 рублей и получила 34 поинта
MiO points accumulation is up to 10 times faster than air miles or cashback on credit cards *
* For a few months of active use of the application you can save up enough points for a completely free vacation
MiO geography
Over 10,000 cafes, restaurants, shops and other outlets all over the world accrue MiO points to customers.
The number of MiO partners is increasing daily
Do you want to become our partner?
Mio Bonus popular partners
You can always use MiO Bonus app while shopping and making purchases online. So you can quickly save up for a free vacation
GearBest specializes in electronics, gadgets and menswear. The assortment of the company is constantly growing. In addition, GearBest provides free delivery of goods all over the world. GearBest provides each customer with 100% guarantee, which is valid for 45 days


10% percent from purchase

Rosewholesale is the world's leading online clothing and accessories store. Company offers a wide range of high quality assortment of women's, men's and children's clothes, as well as jewelry, bags, shoes, watches


14% percent from purchase

International delivery service of flowers and gifts Cyber-Florist is engaged in delivery of flower bouquets, fruit baskets, gift sets and gifts since 1997


10% percent from purchase

Beautifulhalo is Chinese online store that offers trendy casual clothes, shoes, wedding dresses, accessories and lighting. The company is aimed at providing fashionable and high-quality goods at low prices. In addition, delivery is free worldwide!


7% percent from purchase

Banggood is Chinese store with a huge assortment for all occasions. Here you can find everything you need including latest developments in the field of electronics, jewelry, clothes, accessories and household goods


6% percent from purchase - chinese online store selling women's clothing. On the company's website you can find a wide selection of dresses, outerwear, pants, skirts, accessories, blouses and much more


10% percent from purchase

DressLily is the world's leading online clothing and accessories store. Company offers a wide range of high-quality clothing, as well as jewelry, bags, shoes, watches with free delivery around the world


11% percent from purchase

1001 ночь

MiO Mission

Make travels free for everyone
We already have 1700 people
Install free mobile app MIO Bonus and become a part of our global traveler community.

MiO Bonus mobile app for iPhone

  • User's Mio ID
  • The current number of accumulated points
  • The extract with all accumulations and expenses of points
  • Interactive map with stores accruing Mio points
  • QR-code with MiO ID for fast accrual of points

Free download

MiO Bonus for Android

  • User's Mio ID
  • The current number of accumulated points
  • The extract with all accumulations and expenses of points
  • Interactive map with stores accruing Mio points
  • QR-code with MiO ID for fast accrual of points

Free download

Users about us

The most lively and interesting opinions will be published on our website and, of course, we will accrue you a gift points!


31 год, Москва, Фотограф

Давно мечтал увидеть своими глазами великое архитектурное сооружение - собор Дуомо. Люблю готику с ее заостренными башнями, колоннами и сводами. Благодаря программе MiO Bonus я съездил в Милан, сэкономив на авиабилетах. Проживание в отеле также оплатил MiO поинтами.



28 лет, Москва, Бухгалтер

Путешествовать с MiO выгодно и удобно. Я все также покупаю одежду, обувь, подарки, технику и многое другое, только теперь я получаю за это MiO поинты и оплачиваю ими свои путешествия. Сумму зачисленных после каждой покупки поинтов я могу легко отследить в разделе "Мои начисления" в приложении MiO.



32 года, Санкт-Петербург, Дизайнер интерьера

Недавно узнала о системе накопления MiO поинтов, скачала приложение и продолжила совершать покупки, только теперь в магазинах-партнерах MiO. Их очень много -поэтому выбор большой. В скором времени планирую отправиться в Нью-Йорк. Проживание в отелях буду оплачивать накопленными MiO поинтами.



33 года, Самара, Художник по костюмам

Я работаю художником по костюмам уже 10 лет. Когда оформляю костюмы народов разных стран, всегда ловлю себя на мысли - как интересно было бы побывать в их стране, проникнуться их культурой. Недавно съездили с мужем в страну Сальвадора Дали и красочного фламенко - Испанию. Поездка обошлась недорого, так как мы воспользовались накопленными MiO поинтами и оплатили ими проживание в отеле.



37 лет, Москва, Врач-диетолог

Считаю, что раз в год нужно обязательно выбираться в теплые страны, запасаться солнцем. Однако не всегда есть такая возможность. Многие мои знакомые много лет планируют куда-то съездить, да все откладывают. Теперь я знаю способ, как совершая все те же необходимые покупки, можно накопить Mio поинты и потратить их на заслуженный отдых. Я путешествую с программой Mio и всем рекомендую!



26 лет, Санкт-Петербург, Контент-менеджер

Часто летаю по стране - то родных надо навестить, то у друзей свадьба. Летом предпочитаю отдыхать у сестры в Крыму. Благодаря MiO Bonus экономлю на авиаперелетах - MiO поинты копятся быстрее, чем авиа мили.



19 лет, Санкт-Петербург, Студентка

Мне отдых на Шри-Ланке очень понравился! Все эти водопады, яркие закаты, экзотические фрукты,дикие обезьянки вокруг, экскурсия на чайную плантацию. Наша дружная компашка планирует вернуться туда еще раз. А жили мы в весьма комфортном отеле, который оплатили MiO поинтами.



20 лет, Москва, Студент

Съездили с друзьями на Ибицу недавно. Атмосфера в клубах самая располагающая: приятные люди, в воздухе витает позитив. К тому же повезло с DJ музыкой - это то, что надо! А главное перелет и проживание в отеле оплатили MiO поинтами =)



37 лет, Краснодар, PR менеджер

Хочу поделиться своим опытом. Недавно решила что-то поменять в своем доме, затеяла ремонт, совершала много покупок и копила MiO поинты. Не ожидала, что их хватит и на билеты, и на проживание в хорошей гостинице. Таким вот образом съездила с подругой в Мексику, приятно сэкономив.



Me and my wife are going to spend Christmas in Paris. Air tickets and hotel accommodation we will pay with MiO points. We accumulate them suprisingly quickly, cause we make a lot of purchases at partner-stores.


I decided to install mio application and began to accumulate points while buying different types of products which I need.I have already visited Rome and this year I plan a trip to Greece.


For many years I had a dream to go abroad. After learning about Mio points system, I downloaded the application and continued to make purchases. Soon I plan to go on tour in Finland, Sweden, Denmark. Hotels accommodations I am going to pay with mio bonuses =)
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General issues

MiO Bonus is a free mobile application for iOS and Android. The version for Windows mobile is also available. The users save the points up while making purchases in stores and services companies and then use the points to pay for travel services and arrangements - air tickets, hotel accommodation, rent-a-car.

MiO Bonus is available in Spanish, English and Russian.

MiO ID is a number of your account in MiO Bonus system. Each registered user has his own ID. You will get points on your MiO ID and then use them for buying travel services.

Application installation and functioning

Download MiO Bonus app for Android via Play Store, for iOS - via AppStore, for Windows Mobile - via Windows Apps.

Enter the application and register as a new user. Follow instructions on the screen to create an account. You may also link your MiO account to the social network - Facebook or Twitter.
If you have linked your account with social network profile while signing up it’s enough to log into application in one click.

Your MiO ID is linked to the data you entered while registering and not to a specific  device. Which means you can install an application on different gadgets.

The most secure way to operate the account is to use an option “Exit account” in Settings section. Thus nobody can enter your account without login and password.

However it’s not convenient to exit the account any time you use it. That’s why there is a button “Log in via any social network”, Facebook or Twitter. If you have linked your account to your social network profile while registering it’s enough to login application in one click.

For a more secure login Android users can install a 4-digit PIN in application settings.
iOS users may activate an option “Use pin code to unlock the screen”.
This will allow you to enter application without entering login and password every time you use it.

To accumulate MiO points

There is a map integrated into the application where you can find all the outlets and other shopping points where you can get MiO points. Just open the application, use geolocation service and check where you can get points in the neighbourhood. There is also a full list of all shops and selling points that you can filter by categories. Online stores available in your area are listed in the Internet section. Online stores are not displayed on the map, however you can use the convenient filters to find the Internet store you are interested in.

More than 100.000 stores, restaurants, cafes, other shopping and service selling points all over the world are adding points for the purchases made there. This number is constantly increasing.

You can get points for the purchases made in any country where there are shops that participate in MiO Bonus program. Currently we are working in 35 countries and project geography is constantly expanding. Please check the application map for the names, addresses and descriptions of the shopping points closest to your location.

Points are added instantly and automatically. Just tell a cashier or a shop assistant your MiO ID before making a payment. You can see the points added to your ID on the main screen of the application once you log in. Information on your points is available in “Operations Journal “ section.

Each shopping point – MiO Bonus partner – has its own percentage of the purchase cost that is added to your MiO ID in the form of points. You can check terms and conditions of points you got in the shop description of the mobile application.

Please, contact any shop assistant, manager, waiter or cashier.

1 MiO point is equivalent to 1 USD. If you make purchases in the currency different than USD the application converts the purchase amount into USD and MiO points using the internal exchange rate of MIO BONUS LLC at the time of purchase.

We provide any new user who has downloaded and installed an application with 20 gift points. If you recommend us to your friends on Facebook or Twitter you will get 10 and 5 respective points. If you send sms to your phone address book contacts (up to 30 contacts) recommending them to use our application we will give you points for free. You can get maximum 70 gift points.
If you have 600+ points on your account you can spend gift points. You will not be able to use gift points until you have less than 600 points for all the purchases.

To spend MiO points

You can use points for a full or a partial payment of tourism services (hotels booking, car rental services, air tickets, package tours). There are more than 490.000 hotels, 700 airlines including lowcosters, and leading rent-a-car companies available for booking. We assign you a personal travel agent that will find better offers available on the market for your trip. You just have to choose the route, dates and send a request to your agent.

You can spend Gift points after you save not less than 600 points. Before that moment gift points goes to your additional account.
You can spend MiO points that are at your main account at any time without any restrictions.
You can spend points that are saved from the perchases in the Internet shops of the Partners and that are waiting for confirmation of goods receipt and expiration period of free exchange/return of goods from this Partner, only after they are confirmed by the Partner and automatically transferred from additional account to your main account In the MiO Bonus system.
We wish you a pleasant journey!

You can spend points accrued from Partner Internet shops that are waiting for confirmation of receipt of goods and expiration of the period of free exchange/return of goods, after they are confirmed by the Partner and automatically transferred from your additional account to your main account in the MiO Bonus system.

The saved points will not burn down since they don’t have limitations period. You may spend them any time iyou like.

You may pay some part of the services package with points and to pay the remaining amount using any other convenient payment option: a debit or a credit card, or PayPal.

Sure, you can buy any available tourism services not only for yourself but also for your relatives and friends using your MiO points.

For now it's impossible for reasons of safety but we are planning to make a possibility to transfer points between two accounts. If you and your companion have a trip you can reserve one part of the services with your Mio ID and another part with your companion's Mio ID.

You can cancel the application by swiping (following it) to the left.

Purchases in the online stores

If you want points to be saved correctly to your personal account when buying online, please pay attention to a few technical issues.
Go to online store using MiO Bonus app right before you click to but something. In order for the online store to identify you as a MiO Bonus user, do not block the phone after going to the online store and do not prohibit cookies in your browser.
If you had to lock/unlock your mobile phone during online shopping you must go to online store again using the MiO Bonus application.
This is due to the fact that when the phone is locked/unlocked the page in the browser is updated by the browser itself and the referral link that identifies you as a MiO user disappears.
The same thing happens if you go to the online store page but don't make the purchase at once.
If at first you switched to other applications on your phone or to other pages in the browser and then returned to online shopping, the browser spontaneously updates the online store page and erases your MiO ID.
To avoid problems connected with the asaving points in online stores you should always go to the online store from MiO Bonus application right before buying.

Users support

Users support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please contact hotline phone number indicated on the website to block / unblock your account. Please address all other issues to online consultant or via tickets system on
Estimated response time of online consultant does not exceed 3 minutes.
Estimated ticket response time does not exceed 24 hours.

If you have lost your phone or don’t have an access or control over your phone number, please contact Mio Bonus users technical support immediately: you can call us or write our online consultant. The number is indicated on our website, please go through the voice verification procedure. Then the operator will block your account. When you have recovered an access to your phone number, please call the operator once again to change password and unblock your account.

In accordance with our partners terms and conditions agreement there are no reasons to refuse adding MiO points after the purchase is made. In case an employee of our partner company did not add MiO points to your account after the purchase, please create a question in a users support system on Please provide us with the check, date and time of the purchase along with a short description of the situation. We will do our best to sort it out as soon as possible. Claim settlement standard time does not exceed 3 working days.

We can give you points for the purchases made starting from the date of your registration in MiO Bonus system.

Please create a ticket in a users support system on Please provide us the the check, date and time of the purchase along with a short description of the situation. We will do our best to sort it out at the earliest possible. Claim settlement standard time does not exceed 3 working days.

Please, enter a phone number linked to the application, get sms verification code and feed it into the “SMS verification code” section. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

Users support during the trip

Users support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please, contact hotline phone number indicated on the mobile application to block/unblock your account. Please, address all other issues to online consultant or via tickets system on
Estimated response time of online consultant does not exceed 3 minutes.
Estimated ticket response time does not exceed 24 hours.
Once you have signed up your personal manager will contact you to discuss terms and conditions of the cooperation.

Yes, you may cancel bookings if their terms and conditions allow free cancellation up to certain date without a penalty. We usually reimburse the point within 24 hours after the cancellation of the booking.

If you make a booking partially with points and partially with money, we will reimburse the full booking amount in a form of points so that you may arrange another booking totally with points.

If booking cancellation is subject to a penalty you may cancel the booking and pay the penalty.
Bookings that are not subject to cancellation can not be cancelled. The points will not be reimbursed.

Please contact the nearest office of the airline you are travelling with.

Please call our hotline and we will sort it out immediately. We work only with the hotels that carry out obligations towards the guests so that problems with checking in is quite a rare chance.  

Booking number in the hotel reservation system is called a reference number. It is indicated in the voucher that we sent you via email. Just give the reference number or show your voucher to the reception staff.

To become a MiO partner

Register your company on The registration is free.
Once you have registered your personal manager will contact you to discuss terms and conditions of the cooperation.

Didn`t find the answer? You can always ask a question


Regional representative of the company

We are looking for a promising specialist in active sales and a representative of the company in one person for developing business relations with potential Partners.
> Participation in negotiations with Partners
> Conducting presentations to attract Partners for cooperation
> Signing contracts
> Coordination of works on connection to the system
> Conducting training programs for the Partner's staff
> Delivery and control of the placement of advertising products on the Partner's outlets

- High sociability, inexhaustible optimism, active life position - these qualities we especially expect from the competitor.
- Your previous work experience is of course important, but first of all we will look not at the number of years that you spent in the sales departments of different employers. But how you can communicate with people.
Also important to us:
- How you organize the process of search and interaction with potential partners: we are interested in the entire B2B sector.
- The way you can listen and hear leaders, and understand their goals.
- The way you can work in a team.

Terms of use

User License Agreement

This User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as The Agreement) regulates the main rules and the terms of use applied to the Mobile App Users, reciprocal rights and obligations of the Users and the Administrator of the Mobile App (The Administrator), restrictions or limitations of the Users, grounds for holding the Users liable and conditions for exempting them from liability.
This Agreement is legally binding on all the Users using our Mobile App for intended purposes. Every user must carefully read the Agreement and accept it Terms before using the Mobile App.
The Administrator and the User are collectively referred to as the “Parties” and individually as a “Party”.
This Agreement is applicable to an unlimited number of individuals, individual entrepreneurs and entities with legal capacity in compliance with the legislation of the Users’ country of residence which grants them rights to enter into legal relations with the Administrator under the conditions set forth in the Agreement.
As the Administrator is unable to objectively pre-moderate (check) the User, including information about them, it is presumed under this Agreement and the User acknowledges and agrees that they have sufficient legal capacity to enter into legal relations with the Administrator under the conditions stated hereof; in case, the User is represented by any entity, it is acknowledged and agreed that the representative has legal and actual authorities to act on behalf of this entity.   


1.1. Agreement Acceptance is instituted through concludent actions by the User indicative of their intent and willingness to enter into legal relations with the Administrator and receive the services offered by the Administrator.
1.2. Concludent actions include the registration of the User in the Mobile App and actual use of the Mobile App with intended purposes including but not limited to browsing the Mobile App.
1.3. To register in the Mobile App, the Users must fill in the registration form of the Mobile App providing certain data and information about themselves. The list of required data and information is defined in the Administrator’s sole discretion who may add mandatory fields (entries).
1.4. Using the Mobile App the next time, the Administrator is entitled to unilaterally require other additional information about the User which was not necessary during the registration process.
1.5. Agreement Acceptance implies awareness, understanding the terms and conditions hereof individually and collectively, full and unconditional consent of the User with all the statements and requirements set forth in the Agreement. In case of the User’s disagreement with  any statements and requirements hereof, the User must abandon and/or stop using the Mobile App.
1.6. From the date of this Acceptance Agreement, it is considered that  the User has entered into legal relations with the Administrator under the terms and conditions hereof.


2.1. For purposes of this Agreement, the terms below have the following meaning:
2.1.1. Mobile App is a mobile application “MiO Bonus” facilitating information reviewing and browsing by the User about the Partner and Products and/or Services offered by the Partner provided that the User has certain hardware and software (smartphone, mobile phone, tablet or similar gadgets).
2.1.2. Partner is an entity or an individual entrepreneur offering their Products or providing Services to the Users through the Partner’s Points of Sale.
2.1.3. User is any individual registered in the Mobile App and using the Mobile App for searching and choosing the most convenient address of the Partner’s  Points of Sale for buying the Partner’s Products and/or Services.
2.1.4. Administrator is MIO BONUS LLC registered in accordance with the legislation and jurisdiction of the USA including its authorized representative (moderator, manager or another official at the election of the Administrator) providing the Mobile App to the Users under the conditions set forth in this Agreement.
2.1.5. Product is any item, object, property, equipment etc. disregarding the form of expression and offered/sold by the Partner to the Users.
2.1.6. Service is any service, task, action or a range of services/tasks/actions disregarding the type and the focus and provided by the Partner to the Users.
2.1.7. Partner’s Point of Sale is any stationary or non-stationary (transportable) trade object, store, warehouse, office or other facility or building, pick-up point, online store, any other movable or immovable object used by the Partner for offering the Products and/or Services to the Users.
2.1.8. User’s ID is an individual number of the User automatically assigned to them after the registration in the Mobile App and used for personalization and identification of the User and for allocating the Points to a certain User.
2.1.9. Points are allocated by the Administrator to the User within a system of the Mobile App for buying Products and/or Services from the Partner using User’s ID. The Points can be used to pay for the services of the Administrator specified and described on the website
2.1.10. Administrator’s Services are services provided by the Administrator, including but not limited to processing airline and train tickets, booking tourism products, booking hotels, rent of transportation, transfer to and from the airport, services of a guide, interpreter, excursions, procedures, events and any other services provided by the Administrator and described on the Site.
2.1.11. Site is a website legally owned by the Administrator and located at the Internet address (under the domain name), including all its web pages. Any information on the Site does not constitute a public offer to make or place an order and/or enter into a contract.  
2.1.12. User Account is a personal member area of the Mobile App which contains information about the User. It is used for tracking, allocating, and recording Points and for facilitating other functions of the Mobile App.
2.1.13. E-mail is a special technology which facilitates sending and receiving messages, e-mails, files, and documents via the information and telecommunication network of Internet.
2.2. Terms that are not defined in paragraph 1.1 hereof can be used in the Agreement. In this case, those terms should be interpreted according to the text and the meaning of the Agreement. In case, the meaning of a term hereof remains ambiguous, it is to be considered, first of all, under their interpretation accepted on the Site and in the Mobile App; secondly, under the legislation of the country of residence of the Administrator and in accordance with business practice in a certain field.   


3.1. Under the scope of this Agreement, the Administrator provides the Users with the Mobile App for using it and its functions free of charge.  
3.2. Using the Mobile App, the User will have:
    3.2.1. an opportunity to get the information about the Partner, namely, the name of the Partner, description of the Partner’s business (the main Product and/or Service groups offered by the Partner, addresses of the Partner’s Points of Sale, a link to the Partner’s website, e-mail of the Partner, Partner’s rating, feedback, and other information at the discretion of the Administrator);
    3.2.2. a User’s ID for personalization during the process of buying (receiving) Products and/or Services from the Partner and for allocating Points to the User in the system of the Mobile App;
    3.2.3. points allocated to the User and the possibility to use the Points later for buying Services of the Administrator in accordance with the conditions set forth in Section 4 hereof. The terms and conditions of using the Administrator’s Services, namely booking conditions etc., are regulated by a separate agreement with the User which is found on the Site.
    3.2.4. Other possibilities related to the functions of the Mobile App.
3.3. The Mobile App is available only for a registered User.
3.4. A non-exclusive (ordinary) license is granted hereby to the User to use the Mobile App in such ways and to the extent allowed by the functions of the Mobile App and defined by the Administrator (including by identifying certain functions of the Mobile App).
3.5. The Administrator neither sells the Products and/or Services of the Partners, nor acts as  an agent, a dealer, a commissionaire, a representative of the Partner or the User, nor searches for the Partners.  The Administrator only facilitates cooperation between the Partner and the User providing the latter with the Mobile App to use its functions specified by the Administrator.


4.1. The points are allocated to the Users for buying Products and/or Services from the Partner.
4.2. Rules for allocating/recording the Points of the User in the system of the Mobile App:
    4.2.1. Availability of the User’s ID when buying Products and/or Services from the Partner;
    4.2.2. Reading (tracking) of the User’s ID by the Partner when the User is buying Products and/or Services;
    4.2.3. Purchase of Products and/or Services by the user from the Partner;
    4.2.4. Payment received by the Partner from the User, issuance of a cash voucher or a purchase receipt for the User.
4.3. The User has a right for allocation/recording the points provided that all the requirements without exception specified in paragraph 4.2 hereof are satisfied. In case, at least, one of the requirements specified in paragraph 4.2 hereof is not met, the User is no longer eligible for receiving and using the Points.
4.4. The Points are allocated to the User and displayed in the User’s Account automatically immediately upon completion of all the requirements specified in paragraph 4.2 of the Agreement. In case if a certain number of Points has not been allocated due to some reason, the User is entitled to make a complaint or ask a question to the Partner from whom the User purchased a Product and/or a Service.
4.5. The number of Points allocated to the User depends on the rate calculated as a percentage of the total cost of the Partner’s Product and/or Service and defined by the Partner in their Account and specified in the User’s Mobile App. 1 Point is equal to 1 US dollar at the exchange rate at the effect on the day the Points are allocated. The Partner is entitled to change the percentage of the total cost of the Partner’s Product and/or Service. The User will see the information about percentage change in the User Account of the Mobile App, namely, the information about the new percentage of the cost of the Product and/or Service, the date when the changes came into effect, history of percentage change, and other information at the discretion of the Administrator.
4.6. In the event, the Partner from whom the User bought the Product and/or Service fails to perform their obligations to the Administrator to pay the specified remuneration, the Points that have already been allocated to the User for buying the Product and/or Service are subject to be written off unilaterally by the Administrator. The User will be notified about it by e-mail.
4.7. The Points allocated to the User and recorded in the system of the Mobile App may be used to pay the Services of the Administrator specified in the p. 2.1.10 hereto. The User can use the Points only to pay for the Administrator’s Services. Other ways to use the Points are not permitted.
4.8. The Points remain valid for an unlimited time.
4.9. In case the User returns/abandons the Product and/or Service and the money paid by the User to the Partner for the product and/or Service is returned, the Partner is entitled to annul the allocation of the Points for these Products and/or Services to the User via the Partner’s Personal Account.
4.10. Other terms and conditions for allocating and using the Points are specified on the Site and are mandatory for the User. The rules for allocating and using the Points are determined unilaterally by the Administrator only.


5.1.  Rights and obligations of the Administrator:
5.1.1. The Administrator shall provide services to the Users, as specified in Section 3 hereof, appropriately and in conformity with the terms of this Agreement.
5.1.2. The administrator shall consult the Users about the technical issues of using the Mobile App in response to the Users’ requests via a feedback form on the website of the Administrator.
5.1.3. The Administrator shall consider and verify valid claims from the Users.
5.1.4. The Administrator shall adhere to the rules and conditions of allocating and using the Points in conformity with Section 4 hereof and other sections of this Agreement.
5.1.5. The Administrator shall not check the Products and/or Services of the Partners for their conformity to the current legislation, shall not conduct preliminary verification (moderation) of the Products and/or Services of the Partners and any other information about the Partner published in the Mobile App.
5.1.6. The Administrator is entitled to add or to remove from the Mobile App any information and any function in their discretion without preliminary notification of the User and without giving the reasons.
5.1.7. The Administrator is entitled to check information about the User by requesting the documents confirming the information provided by the User.
5.1.8. The Administrator is entitled to engage third parties to comply with the obligations under this Agreement while remaining responsible for their actions and decisions.
5.1.9. The Administrator provides the Users with access to the User Account after the registration.
5.1.10. The Administrator has a right to carry out preventive work in the Mobile App and due to this, the Mobile App may be inaccessible at the time specified.
5.1.11. The Administrator is entitled to send to the User’s address (User’s phone number, User’s e-mail, User Account) information and promotional messages and notifications. To stop receiving the messages, the User should send a written request to the Administrator to remove the User’s contact data from the mailing list.
5.1.12. The Administrator is entitled to check (moderate, pre-moderate) the User’s feedback about the Partner, Partner’s Products and/or Services, and remove the User’s feedback or not publish it in the Mobile App unilaterally without giving the reasons and without prior notification.
5.2.  Rights and obligations of the User:
5.2.1. The User shall immediately and not later than 3 (three) days from the date of purchase the Product and/or Service from the Partner notify the Administrator about any claims regarding the quality of provided services (the absence of valid claims proves the proper quality of services provided by the Administrator).
5.2.2. The User shall use the services provided by the Administrator exclusively for the purposes and in the interests that do not contradict to the current legislation.
5.2.3. The User shall independently and in a timely manner carefully read all the information published in the Mobile App and in the notifications sent to the User’s e-mail, phone number or User Account.
5.2.4. The User shall send at the Administrator’s request (to the Administrator’s e-mail or any other address specified by the Administrator) within 5 (five) calendar days the documents (scans) required by the Administrator.
5.2.5. The User shall store the information about the password for accessing the User Account out of reach of third parties and shall not give the password to third parties. If there is a reason to believe that the unauthorized access took place, the User must immediately inform the Administrator and take all the measures in their power to change the password for the user Account.
5.2.6. The User hereby represents and warrants that all the actions performed in the user Account are considered to be performed by the user only unless the User earlier informed the Administrator about the unauthorized access of third parties to the User Account.
5.2.7. The User is entitled to change any information about themselves in the User Account except the mobile phone number of the User. In case, the phone number was changed, the User must register in the Mobile App again and get a new account.
5.2.8. The User is entitled to use the Mobile App by any means specified by the Administrator.
5.9.2. The User has a right to receive the information, information messages, and e-mail messages as well as message to the phone or in the user Account.
5.2.10. The User has a right to publish a reasoned feedback about the Partner’s Products and/or Services in the result of cooperation with the latter within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of purchase the Product and/or Service from the Partner.  

6.1. The User hereby publishes in the Mobile App, including during the registration and later in their User Account, their personal data freely and voluntarily, acting on the basis of their own will.
6.2. The Administrator processes the personal data of the Users exclusively for the purpose to give the Users possibility to use the Mobile App and to provide them with other services set forth in the subject of this Agreement.
6.3. The User has the right to change their personal information and any other information published in the User Account at any time and at their sole discretion except the mobile phone number of the User due to the restriction specified in paragraph 5.2.7. of this Agreement.
6.4. Using the Mobile App, the User acknowledges and agrees that the Administrator reserves the right to use their personal data anonymously and in aggregate form for statistical purposes only.
6.5. The Administrator shall not disclose any personal data of the Users to the individuals or organizations claiming possible misuse of such data (sending unauthorized advertisements, providing information to other people etc.). The Administrator cannot be held responsible for possible misuse of the information from the Mobile App by the Users or other people and/or organizations which occurred without notifying the Administrator with security violation or without information security of the Mobile App.
6.6. For providing security of the User Account and the data about the User, the Administrator strongly recommends to turn on PIN security function in “App Setup”. In case, this option is turned off, the risk to lose control over the User Account increases significantly.
6.7. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that in the event of loss/theft of a mobile phone and when “Request PIN” option is switched off, any third party can get unrestricted access to the User Account. In case, any third party has special tools to switch off “Request PIN” option, it can get access to the User Account even if the function was activated. In these cases, when the User’s mobile phone is lost or stolen, the User should immediately contact the technical support service of the Administrator by phone numbers listed on the Site and block access to the User Account with the help of the Administrator’s operator until the User regains full control over their phone.
7.1.  The User is not allowed to:
7.1.1. Publish in the Mobile App, including in the User Account, in feedbacks and other sections,  information violating the requirements of current legislation, including but not limited to insults and threats discrediting third parties, jeopardizing public order, violating rights of the people to privacy; obscene information; abusive language; information offending to a certain extent the honor and dignity and violating the rights and law-protected interests of third parties; information containing or encouraging religious, racial or ethnic hatred, including the efforts to inflame hostility and calls to violence.
7.1.2. Publish in the Mobile App any pornographic materials, materials containing obscenity or vulgarity, scenes showing animal cruelty, description of suicide methods and incitement to suicide, “pirated content”, and other materials which are restricted and/or prohibited by the legislation including under international law.
7.1.3. Register in the Mobile App on behalf of the other person in the absence of the authority given to the User by that other person.
7.1.4. Distribute or arrange the distribution in the Mobile App malicious files and software (viruses, Trojans, “time bombs”, “worms” or other software which can harm or remove/distort the information from the Mobile App).
7.1.5. Collect, search, and systematize the data of other Users with the help of software (“bots”) in the absence of a written permission provided by the Administrator.
7.1.6. Attempt to get an unauthorized access to other User Accounts to obtain the information about their passwords.
7.1.7. Illegally collect and process personal data of other Users;
7.1.8. Violate the rights of other Users relating to their use of the Mobile App.
8.1. For breach of the obligations, the Parties shall bear responsibility under current legislation.
8.2. The Services of the Administrator under this Agreement are provided “as is”. The Administrator is not responsible in whatever form for nonconformity of provided services to the aims, objectives and/or desires and/or expectations of the users.
8.3. The Users hereby assume full responsibility and risk of all negative consequences which can occur in the result of using the Mobile App.
8.4. The Administrator cannot be held responsible for preserving account information of the User including their social media login credentials through which the user signs in to the Mobile App. The User is solely responsible for preserving their account information and other data including the phone number.
8.5. The Administrator shall not be liable for any losses, damages, and expenses of the User arising out of the User’s use of the Mobile App.
8.6. Nothing in this Agreement shall guarantee to fully serve the User’s interests related to the services set forth herein, namely, nothing in this Agreement shall guarantee that the User will receive the Products and/or Services from the Partner conforming to the aims, objectives and/or desires and/or expectations of the Users. The Partner shall be liable before the User for provided Products and/or Services, namely, for failure to perform or for improper performance of the Partner’s obligations, including but not limited to the presentation of untrustworthy information about the Product and/or Services, defects of the Product and/or Services concerning the quality, amount, range as well as for material or moral injury to the User. The User shall  make a claim, demands, and requests to the Partner without engaging the Administrator.
8.7. In case of violation of the provisions of this Agreement by the User, the Administrator is entitled to block the access of the user to the Mobile App or restrict the scope of possible use of the Mobile App.
8.8. The Administrator shall not be liable for the Mobile App failure and impossibility to use the Mobile App during the time required to eliminate the problems. The Administrator also shall not be liable for the actions of third parties providing the services and technologies for the Mobile App to work, namely, of web hosting companies.
8.9.  The Partner shall be liable before the User for provided Products and/or Services, namely, for failure to perform or for improper performance of the Partner’s obligations, including but not limited to the presentation of untrustworthy information about the Product and/or Services, defects of the Product and/or Services concerning the quality, amount, range as well as for material or moral injury to the User and any other negative consequences.
8.10. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as a responsibility of the Administrator to be involved in the resolution of conflicts and disputes occurred between the Users and the Partners, including the issues concerning the bad quality (nonconformity) of the Products and/or Services provided by the Partner, delays in meeting the obligations by the Partner or the Users, violation of price and payment terms  by the Partner or the Users as well as any other disputable and conflict situations between them.
8.11. The Users and the Partners shall resolve any conflict or disputable situation arising out of selling the Products and/or Services on their own without engaging the Administrator. The user shall cover the Administrator against any claims and demands relating to the Products and/or Services of the Partner.
8.12. The Parties shall be exempted from responsibility for non-fulfillment of their obligations hereunder as a result of effect of a force majeure event (circumstances beyond one’s reasonable control). The Parties agree that force majeure event includes the actions of the government, local government, fire, flooding, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, absence of electricity and/or network failure, strikes, civil unrest, public disorders. In the event of force majeure, the fulfillment of the obligations under this Agreement shall be extended for the period equal to that during which such circumstances and their consequences will remain in force.
9.1. In the event of a dispute or a conflict between the Partner and the User, the Administrator has a right, however not obliged, to attempt and resolve any dispute or conflict in good faith.
9.2. The Administrator and the User hereby agree to take pre-litigation resolution steps of any disputes arising out of relations between them under this Agreement. An answer to the claim shall be given within 10 (ten) working days of its receipt.
9.3. In case, the Parties fail to reach agreement on resolution of any disputes, the dispute arising out of this Agreement, it is subject to judicial procedure: at Justice of the Peace, district court or arbitral tribunal depending on the jurisdictional status and arbitrability of the dispute in compliance with current legislation on the place of residence or at the location of the Administrator.
9.4. In any case without exception, substantive and procedural law of the Administrator’s country of residence shall be applicable substantive and procedural law in the event of any conflict or dispute arising under, out of or in connection with this Agreement.

10.1. This Agreement comes into effect after it is published in the Mobile App.
10.2. This Agreement is published for an indefinite period and is terminated when the Administrator’s annulment of the Agreement. After the annulment of the Agreement, any legal relations with the Users shall be considered unconditionally terminated.
10.3. If the Administrator amends the Agreement, such amendments shall be effective on the date of publication of a new version of the Agreement in the Mobile App unless another period is specified. The Administrator is entitled unilaterally amend the text of the Agreement. The Users will be informed about the amendments via the notification popup window which appears when the User has access to the User Account of the Mobile App. To continue using the Mobile App, the user shall carefully read about the amendments and indicate their acceptance. If the User does not accept the amendments, they are not allowed to use the Mobile App and access to the User Account is blocked by the Administrator. The allocated Points will be automatically and irrevocably written off.
10.4. The User shall track the changes in this Agreement on their own and solely bear responsibility for negative consequences arising out of non-compliance to this responsibility.
10.5. If the User does not accept the amendments, they must stop using the Mobile App and refuse the services provided by the Administrator. Otherwise, in case, the User continues using the Mobile App, it shall be considered that the User accepts the amendments to the Agreement.
10.6. This Agreement has been drawn up in the English language and translated into other languages used in the App. In case of any contradictions between the English copy of the Agreement and the translated copy, the English version shall prevail.

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